What a Workout!!

Throughout my workout this morning, I kept thinking I wasn’t doing enough.  Now, that is much later, I think I did a lot.  It was one heck of a workout!  I started with 100 crunches with feet on exercise ball, butt lift with feet on ball for 1 minute, butt lift bridge with legs straight for 1 minute, flutter kicks with hips facing down on ball for 1 minute, knees across body 30 seconds each side, gluteus  kick backs on hands and knees lift foot upwards toward ceiling 1 minute each side (completed 40 each side), barbell rows 55lbs 3 sets of 10, dead lift with bar 55lbs 3 sets of 10, single arm rows 30lbs dumbbells , chin ups with 18lbs assist and then I went to Body Pump class with instructors Cindy and Jen!  I really liked Body Pump class, but half way through the class I started feeling my workout and I struggled completed the easiest moves such as squats and lunges.  The class used bars with weights and dumbbells.  I liked the way it was set up and it was a great workout even if I hadn’t completed the earlier workout.


I have shoulders?!?

I have been studying for my personal trainer certification and one of the items I have been working on, is naming muscles.  I have definitely figured out where the deltoid muscles are located.  I started with standing dumbbell shoulder presses with 25 lb. and doing 3 sets of 10 reps.  Next, I did alternating deltoid raise to the front and then to the side with 12 lb. 3 sets of 10.  I really struggled with finishing the side raises even though I was only lifting 12 lb. dumbbell’s.  I moved to the multi-station where I did reverse curl at 22.5 lbs. and triceps press down with straight bar at 32.5 lbs. doing 3 sets of 10 reps on each.  I can feel my shoulders.  It is not pain per say, but I definitely know they are there.

Leg Day?!?

I started a new work out plan today!  I had to drop off my husband’s car at the shop for a oil change so I jogged the mile over to the YMCA.  I went to Zumba class which was very fun.  I really love going to Zumba.  Tanya, the instructor, is so much fun and upbeat that the time just flies by, before I know it the class is over.  Then I went upstairs to do 200 jumping jacks and 200 squats in sets of 25, 15 wide grip pull-ups with 20 pound assist, 100 squats on free motion machine with 100 lbs. taking a 20 sec break every 25 reps, Strive leg extension machine 75 lbs. 50 reps taking a 10 second break every 10 reps, 50 crunches on incline bench.  I completed 3 miles on treadmill took me 37 minutes to complete.  I finished my workout with the 1 mile jog back to pick up my husband’s car.  According to Run keeper, it was .97 mile, 11:36 minutes.  I have to work a long day tomorrow, but I am going to try to get up really, really early and get in a class before work.

Today’s Workout

One arm rows from bent over position, double arm seated triceps extensions, alternating arm barbell curls with twist, lying dumbbell bench press, and lying dumbbell rows all completed in 3 sets of 10 using 25lb dumbbells.  I completed 100 crunches, 50 squats, 1 min plank, 30 second side bridge plank on each side, 1 minutes high knees, and 2 1/2 miles on stationery bike.  I really wanted to do more, but again I ran out of time.  I am not sore at all.  I think I need to step up my work out.  I talked to an Army Officer that was working out will I was there.  I might try to incorporate some of his routine into mine this week.  I also need to get going earlier so I can complete a long cardio set in my workout.  Tomorrow, I hope to take two group exercise classes along with my (new) workout.

My Workout

My workout today started with squats on the Paramount machine and 145lbs.  I did 3 sets of 15 with just a short break in between sets.  I did the same number of sets, the same weight, and same machine, but with calf raises.  I love leg day.  I moved to the inner thigh Strive machine where I did the same sets with 90 lbs.  I continued the same weight and reps on the Strive outer thigh machine.  Next, I went to the leg extension Strive machine were I stayed with the 90lbs, but only accomplished 3 sets of 10.  I struggled a little on the leg extensions.  I continued leg day with 2 minutes of squat jumps, 20 deep squats, 20 lunges each leg, 20 calf raises, and I finished my workout by taking the Yin Yoga class with Carin as my instructor.  I had never taken a Yoga class before and was not sure what to expect.  Everyone that knows me, knows that I tend to go full speed all the time and I do not still very long.  It was really refreshing to stay in the Yoga posses for an extended amount of time allowing deep muscle stretches.  I was surprising refreshing to take time to relax and stretch my muscles.  Carin was extremely good at giving alternatives or modifications to moves if a new person like me was not comfortable doing some of the moves.  I really loved the one of the hip and side stretches.  I do not know what it was called, but it felt really great especially on leg day.