My Workout

My workout today started with squats on the Paramount machine and 145lbs.  I did 3 sets of 15 with just a short break in between sets.  I did the same number of sets, the same weight, and same machine, but with calf raises.  I love leg day.  I moved to the inner thigh Strive machine where I did the same sets with 90 lbs.  I continued the same weight and reps on the Strive outer thigh machine.  Next, I went to the leg extension Strive machine were I stayed with the 90lbs, but only accomplished 3 sets of 10.  I struggled a little on the leg extensions.  I continued leg day with 2 minutes of squat jumps, 20 deep squats, 20 lunges each leg, 20 calf raises, and I finished my workout by taking the Yin Yoga class with Carin as my instructor.  I had never taken a Yoga class before and was not sure what to expect.  Everyone that knows me, knows that I tend to go full speed all the time and I do not still very long.  It was really refreshing to stay in the Yoga posses for an extended amount of time allowing deep muscle stretches.  I was surprising refreshing to take time to relax and stretch my muscles.  Carin was extremely good at giving alternatives or modifications to moves if a new person like me was not comfortable doing some of the moves.  I really loved the one of the hip and side stretches.  I do not know what it was called, but it felt really great especially on leg day.


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